•  Excellent UX and UI
  •  Quick Turnaround Time
  •  Execution Excellence
  •  100% Client Satisfaction



In the first phase, we look into what your company is about, what the target age group is, and what kind of app will suit your business. Human behavior and interaction with different kinds of apps also consitutes a major part of our research.


We have an experienced team of developers who work under the guidance of team leaders and project managers to build appealing, engaging and affordable mobile applications specifically tailored for your business.


We test our applications thoroughly on different hardware to ensure maximum usability before they can be launched commercially. This enables us to track bugs and other errors which we might have overlooked during development.


It is only after developing and testing the applications that we deliver them to our clients. We value the time and resources spent on building an app, which is why we always try to submit in a timely manner.

mobile app

Static Android & iPhone Application Development

IOS Application Development
Android Application Development

Working Day : 5 Day

Up to 10 pages : Rs 5000/-

After 10 pages : per page Rs 500/-

iSPEEDBiz has creative and experienced mobile app developers that are qualified with expert skills and latest technology to offer the best solutions for mobile app. We are equipped to work with different platforms like iOS Application Development, Android Application Development, and Windows Application Development. We aim to build customer-centric apps that are easy-to-use and cost-effective to suit our clients. We are reliable when it comes to amazing creativity and simple interface.

We are one of the Android app developers that have various clients across the world. It is almost becoming compulsory for companies to build android apps to easily connect with their audiences.

iPhone apps are used by people in the areas of browsing, shopping, social media, entertainment and business. With elevated numbers of iPhone users it is important for companies to create effective and user-friendly apps. The key for iPhone app is the in-depth knowledge of the developers.

We develop apps that can be easily run on the Windows mobile platform. The end-to-end services are offered to our clients along with other user-friendly apps that are compatible on this platform. These apps are liked by many people but mostly businesses and corporate prefers it.